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Dr. Kevin Keifer
23 June
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General Information

Name: Kevin Matthew Keifer
Nicknames: Uh... Kev? None, really.
Age: 27 (birthday on June 23)


IQ: *shrugs* Who knows?
Phobias/Fears: Confrontations with his family, commitment, not being accepted... spiders.
Religious Beliefs: He was raised Baptist, but rejected religion and now is agnostic.
Intolerances/Annoyances: Close-minded people, excessive cursing, kids. He also thinks Cuddy's blouses are inappropriate.
Quirks/Habits: Is under the sad misconception that Dr. Wilson's first name is Neil and sometimes refers to him as such, calls people by their proper names or titles--shies away from nicknames, spends more money than he has, is often seen looking at his bare wrist because he constantly forgets that he no longer has a watch. He has some various nervous habits as well, which are pretty easy to pick up. He's also a terrible liar.


Parents: Robert and Anna Keifer
Siblings: none
Spouse/Serious Lover: none
Children: He hates kids.
Family History: His mother is and always has been a housewife, his father works as the manager of a home repair store (think Home Depot, but smaller). His family is nothing special, really--a typical conservative Baptist family. Of course, he doesn't speak to them any more.

Present Background

Occupation: Oncologist
Education: The University of Texas, med school at The University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston, served his residency at St. David's Medical Center.
Major: Biology/Medicine (with a rather embarassing minor in Theatre)
Activities: Listening to (good) music, watching plays/musicals, rock climbing, sleeping when he can manage it. He has a lovely voice, but rarely ever sings, and is also a fairly good actor.
Home: He recently moved into a rather nice two-bedroom condo near the hospital.
Finance: A little shakey at the moment, but otherwise all right.
Personal History: Kevin grew up in a conservative Texas family, but soon got sick of them. They parted ways and he paid his way through school with the help of Stafford Loans and part-time jobs, which--along with other mysterious expenses--has left him more than a little indebted. He wasn't quite sure what he was getting into when he entered medical school, but (though he won't admit it) he has an inner urge to help people, so the appeal of medine drew him in. He at one point wanted to be on Broadway, but that dream faded. After finishing med school, he wanted to get as far away from Texas as possible, so he ran off to New Jersey after being hired at PPTH. He's fairly happy here, mostly because he likes the people so much more than those back in Texas, even if he doesn't necessarily socialize with said people.


Height: 5'10
Eyes: brown
Hair: Curly, dark brown
Face & Complexion: A little pale; he was teased in high school for having a girly face
Build: Thin, not very muscular
Defining Marks: Uh... his face?
Dress Style: Very clean-cut and a little plain at work, mostly dress shirts, slacks, ties, the usual. For more casual occasions, he just throws on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. Nothing that special. He stopped trying to look nice (when not working) when he entered med school. Deep down, he's an ole Southern boy, so he'll occasionally be seen in cowboy boots, belts with big-ass buckles, and/or cowboy hats. The key word in that sentence is occasionally. Although he'd never admit it, wearing that sort of stuff calms him down in a weird way.
Manner of Speech: He tends to be soft-spoken, a little shy, and seem very unobtrusive at first, but once you get to know him more you'll find that he's sarcastic and a tad defensive. When he's extremely upset or very comfortable, he sometimes slips into a Texas twang.
Manner of Movement: A little unsure, blends into the background, but likes to use big hand gestures when he's talking to someone he's friends with.


Marital Status: Single
Sexual Preference: Well, I'm pretty sure that everyone knows he's gay now. (Keifer: *scowls*)
Past Relationships: One very serious relationship that never worked out. He's had a few dates since then, but tends to avoid romantic situations (and socializing, for that matter).
Present Relationships: He is technically in a relationship with Ian (geekdoc), but it's a bit unsure at the moment.


Harrington/Creegan is angsty!love.

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Creegs and Keifer: The New House and Wilson. But Without the Sex.

My PB is Rufus Wainwright, in case anyone's wondering. XD He is teh awesome.